Walking is good for your heart and lungs, improving cardiovascular fitness.

You can get major health benefits from relatively mild exercise, as long as you do enough and do it regularly.

Regular walking can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis.

Walking will increase your muscle tone and increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs. It will help reduce cholesterol, boost metabolism, and improve the health of bones. Ease stress, raise your energy levels and improve sleep. Combined this can also help you reduce body fat and lose weight.

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Sonning Common Health Walks
20th Anniversary Celebrations
Sunday 24 April 2016

What a day! Fantastic, exuberant, friendly and just plain good fun. A Sunday to remember for years to come.

Before I go further I must briefly put the eventual archives in good order – the actual Anniversary was Tuesday 26 April 2016 but who is arguing anyway – and we may well have had fewer numbers with a Tuesday event!

Talking of numbers of both those walking and those attending – we guesstimated in planning the event that we might attract say 60 overall but I lost track on the day when I reached 120’ish – does anyone have an accurate tally for the archives?

I can only now stop myself from mentally ticking off my daily countdown/checklist – what about – cakes, hall booking, photo displays, décor/flowers, tidy uppers, washer uppers, prosecco, weather and of course Speakers (human ones) – would the Speakers turn up on the day?

Well, I needn’t have worried, everyone on top form, happy and smiling, mixing with old(!) friends and new – the British (and Spanish Cel & Antonita) really are good at these sort of things aren’t they.

Three great speeches – thanks to Dr. William Bird, Val Lunn & Dr. Tess Harris summarising for us from 20 years ago to today the conception, birth and development of this healthy foundling based on a simple activity simply known as walking. What marvellous memories were recalled and what splendid hope for the future.

On a prosaic but essential note we even managed to turn in a most businesslike performance in terms of money:-

Total donations from envelopes - £402.40 (who gave 40p!!)

Total donations on the day - £60

Profit from raffle - £176

Expenses - £236

Do the maths yourselves, but we made a surplus.

Finally, thanks must go to you the walkers, past & present, you really did yourselves proud – without you there would be no club, no walk, no chat, no memories of many happy walking days and lasting friendships made – a HUGE THANK YOU to you all………and KEEEEP WALKING.

Finally, thank you to a number of you who helped make my life easier – you know who you are.

David Birtwistle

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